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These are the questions we frequently get asked about our geothermal heating, cooling and hot water systems. If your question isn’t listed here, Contact Us and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Q. Is it safe to bury copper pipes in the ground?

A. In its raw state, copper comes from the ground. We install a sacrificial anode for each system. These anodes have an electric AC/DC current that runs through the copper, protecting the lines from any adverse ground conditions.

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Q. What type of refrigerant do you use?

A. Due to the fading out HCFC Refrigerants we have designed our unit using R410a which is a high pressure, highly efficient azeotropic blend of HFC 32 and HFC 125.

Q. How much maintenance is there on DX Geothermal systems?

A. Unlike open loop systems and water loop systems that need frequent maintenance in topping up water and glycol levels, DX Geothermal systems require little to no maintenance except for cleaning the return air filters, just like any other air/con system.

Q. What’s the difference between water loop and ‘DX’ direct exchange geothermal?

A. ‘DX’ Geothermal requires only one heat exchange transfer, compared to the two step transfer in water-based systems demanding about twice as much energy consumption – ‘DX’ 30% more efficient than any other geothermal system.

Water loop requires a water pump – ‘DX’ does not. ‘DX’ runs on the same scientific principle as a Refrigerator, the most reliable appliance in the home.

Water loop involves invasive excavating and expensive deep well drilling – ‘DX’ does not, only small bore holes or trenches.

Water based systems use plastic tubing in which a water/glycol, anti-freeze or alcohol solution is circulated this presents a serious problem in the event of a leak, this is not an uncommon occurrence for water based systems. – ‘DX’ distributes an environmentally friendly refrigerant through copper tubing. Copper tubing is a superior heat conductor and is far less likely to leak – proven more reliable and much more efficient than plastic.

‘DX’ applications include Residential and Commercial. In addition ‘DX’ specializes in a broad base of applications, Restaurants, Hotels, Sports Clubs, Spas.

Q: What is the estimated life expectancy of an AusGeothermal unit compared to other conventional systems?

A: AusGeothermal manufactures our units with only the highest quality parts available. Our system is expected to last twice as long as a conventional system.

Q: Will vertical drilling or trenching be required to install the ground loops?

A: If there are more than 30 metres x 10 metres of ground surface area clear to work with, ground loops could be trenched, resulting in cheaper installation costs. Vertical drilling is as effective and more suited to smaller ground space applications.

Q: How long would it take to install an AusGeothermal heat pump system on average?

A: On average from beginning of installation to completion would take approximately 1-2 weeks.

Q: Can an existing air source heat pump system be replaced with an AusGeothermal heat pump system?

A: Yes. In most cases existing ducting and some air handlers can be used resulting in cheaper costs and faster installation.

Q: Can I replace my existing hydronic heat source with an AusGeothermal heat pump? Can I re-use existing hydronic wall panels, piping and under floor heating coils?

A: Yes. This is a very effective way to reduce your home energy consumption. All existing equipment can be re-used providing it is currently in a working condition.

Q: Where can the compressor heat pump unit be located/installed?

A: Location of the compressor heat pump unit does not have to be outdoors due to our system not requiring any coil or fan mounted in the system. Therefore, this can be installed in utility rooms, garages or outdoor areas. Outdoor units and hot water vessels can be manufactured on a neat and compact steel frame/base which is pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation.

AusGeothermal Heat Pump Unit

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